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Newman, Lesléa. Heather Has Two Mommies. Diana Souza, illus. Alyson Publications, 2009 (c1989). 36 p. PBK $12.95 ISBN 978-1593501365

SUMMARY: Heather lives in a loving home with two wonderful mommies, and a dog and a cat. Mama Kate is a doctor and Mama Jane is a carpenter. One day, at her playgroup, Heather's friends are talking about their families and she realizes she doesn't have a daddy like some of them. The playgroup leader begins a sensitive discussion where the children learn about all the shapes and forms a family can come in. They learn that the most important thing about a family is that all the people in it love each other.

RISKS: Depiction of homosexual parenting

EVALUATION: This is a sweet and straightforward book with simple and beautiful black and white illustrations. The examples of different kinds of families given by Molly, the caregiver for Heather's playgroup, makes this a very affirming story for anyone with a non-nuclear family, not just those with gay parents. There is great sensitivity in this book, and the weight given to the necessity of love in a family is laudable.

READER'S ANNOTATION: Heather had never thought that she was missing something in her life, but when she realizes she doesn't have a father, how will she learn that having two mommies is just another way of making a happy family.

TOPICS: families; parent-child relationships; homosexual parents; diversity; love;

AWARDS: Lambda Literary Award Finalist, 1990

Ages 3-7

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  1. I heard that some schools in this nation are using this title for early elementary curiculum.
    To me that's scarey!