Thursday, October 4, 2012


In my attempts to make this blog more my own thing rather than a left-over class assignment, I'm going to start adding stuff. Stuff in addition to stuff about controversial books for young people. Stuff I'm interested in and that probably has to do with children's and teen lit. Neat stuff. Cool stuff. Rad stuff. This stuff may or may not include series posts, Kidlit happenings, philosophical musings, author name-dropping, guest posting, cross-posting, cross-dressing, stylish dressing, pony rides, puzzles, riddles, pretty pictures, poetry, and lively debates.

DON'T BE AFRAID of change (that was mostly for me). As I go along, I'm sure this blog will evolve organically, reshaping and redirecting itself, and I'll find a kind of rhythm and language that fits. But until that happens, please bear with me. It could be bumpy and sporadic, but hopefully interesting.

Also, I just barely started pinning (not pining) today. I've been reluctant to add more time-sucking additives to my daily screen time, but I felt it was time for this. So, now you can follow my pins and/or my tweets. Not too many tweets or pins yet. But. Hooray for time-sucking!

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